By Matthew Hawn - Armacell Regional Specification Manager

It’s often stated, the key to a successful project is the details. HVACR engineers specify their equipment as a system, ensuring that nothing is left to chance when choosing the correct equipment. An engineer should have this same mindset when specifying insulation. The wrong selection can lead to insulation failure resulting in condensation, corrosion under insulation, and mold development. To simplify the selection and installation process Armacell has developed the ArmaFlex® Insulation System.

Let’s better understand the components of the ArmaFlex Insulation System.

AP ArmaFlex Pipe Insulation –  Available in two modes, unslit or with the lap seal closure. Unslit ArmaFlex is most often chosen when the installer can slip the product over piping while pipe is being installed. Lap seal product is chosen when insulating the system after piping installation and system testing is completed. Lap seal provides a significant time savings during installation.  

For an insulation system to be effective, thickness must not be reduced or compromised. The most likely areas for this to occur is at fittings and pipe supports.  

ArmaFlex Fabricated Fittings – Fittings are made to the exact standard one would expect from Armacell. Ordering prefabricated fittings ensures compatibility with AP ArmaFlex and saves the installer labor during installation. Less cutting and gluing on site.

ArmaFix® EcoLight Pipe Support – Prevents compression of the material and loss of insulation value at pipe hangers and clevises. Newly launched EcoLight expands the size offerings to accommodate any size pipe insulation produced by Armacell.

Insuguard® Pipe Saddles and Shields – Designed as a solution to rectify the issues of rotation, displacement and damage caused by traditional metal saddles. Insuguard is a fast, tool-free pipe saddle which saves labor and time during installation. Insuguard Multi fits every type of common suspension system and attaches with a click!

Insulate with confidence by specifying the ArmaFlex Insulation System.