Workforce planning is one of the most important topics for General Contractors, Human Resources and Managers in today’s job market. Due to recent building development growth, low unemployment rates and a tight job market, the demand for top construction talent is at an all-time record high. General Contractors are having a difficult time competing for talent in this labor shortage and with an estimated 434,000 vacant construction jobs, it is easy to see why(1).

In such a challenging job market, finding and retaining workers in the construction industry is the top concern. Thankfully, Construction Executive has five recommendations to help bridge the employment gap and gain an advantage in the recruiting war.

1. Demonstrate to candidates that the company is stable.

This might seem like a no brainer, but a solid company foundation and a transparent business plan including long-term growth goals is the number one concern for construction talent.

2. Aim for a great culture fit.

Focusing on people who are the best fit for the company vs the perfect candidate will yield far better talent and attract those who align with a firm’s culture and objectives.

3. Cultivate strong relationships with potential candidates over time.

Network, network, network! General Contractors should be taking the time to cultivate and maintain relationships with candidates either by attending industry events, joining trade groups or by researching competitor’s pools of workers. This can pay back dividends well into the future.

4. Find candidates’ pain points and solve them.

Communicating with the current workforce and discussing their job likes and dislikes is a great way to discover concerns and find ways to address them to attract future workers. Offering solutions or a change to common worker issues can pull a good candidate out of their bad situation and into a better one.

5.Work with an experienced recruitment firm.

Successful staffing and recruiting companies have a pulse into the construction industry and contacts that a General Contractor might not be able to achieve. Recruiting firms rely on networks of long standing business relationships and advanced search tools to support large scale job openings.

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(1) According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 434,000 vacant construction jobs in this country as of April 2019, and general contractors are eager to fill them.