Now a part of the Armacell family, Insuguard® is an excellent complement to Armacell’s existing products

Armacell now proudly sells the complete line of Insuguard® products. Insuguard and Insuguard Multi® provide the most practical and economical solution to problems frequently associated with inadequate pipe suspension systems. Insuguard pipe saddle is designed to protect insulated pipes. Its unique curved-edge design effectively cradles and protects pipes, allowing them to expand and vibrate without damaging insulation. This eliminates problems of rotation, displacement and thermal insulation damages that plague traditional pipe saddles. Insuguard Multi is a versatile pipe saddle that provides all the advantages of Insuguard, and is also compatible with different types of suspension systems. Interchangeable adaptors make Multi compatible with any chosen saddle size on various sizes of struts, H-Beam, I-Beam, steel angles, Clevis hangers and even floor mounts. Insuguard pipe saddles are useful for plumbing, mechanical, refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

There are many advantages to using Insuguard versus a traditional pipe saddle. Insuguard and Multi prevent thermal bridging, which eliminates condensation from forming on the pipe. Its unique design supports the piping while protecting the insulation from damage and compression. On top of that, installing Insuguard is quick and easy. There are no tools required to install, a simple click is all it takes to lock the adaptor in place on the support.  Install time for Insuguard Multi is 40% faster than metal or plastic shields and 80% faster than clamps or collars.

Several great accessories round out the innovative Insuguard line of products. ShockTech® is a clip-on, magnetic shock detection tool designed to protect against piping damage caused by water hammer. If a shockwave is transmitted through fluid contained in a piping system,  a color-coded flag  is triggered to release at a different shock velocity, notifying you of a problem before damage is done. InsuCover® fits on any Insuguard pipe saddle and provides extra protection for pipes. InsuCover protects the top of the pipe and can be quickly attached with tie-wraps at the matching notches on the pipe saddle. Finally, InsuClip® pipe fastener was designed to secure extra lines running through the top of Clevis hangers. This pipe fastener takes advantage of unused space at the top of Clevis hangers by securely fastening liquid lines, water pipes and cables within the free space available above the cross bolt of Clevis hangers. These products can all be installed with no tools and are quick and easy to put into place. 

Insuguard provides solutions to problems of falling saddles, condensing mold growth, thawing and condensation, refrigerant leaks, insulation tear-off and inefficient labor and material use. Insuguard is also UL listed in the US (UL-723(ASTM E84) and ULC listed in Canada (ULC-S102.2). For more information, visit

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