If walls could talk --and they sort of do--a new product from Armacell is about to make them shush. 

ArmaSound® MTD, Armacell’s latest acoustic innovation, is a mechanical and thermal decoupler tape that isolates sound transmission from one space to the next. It’s inexpensive. It’s easy to install. And most importantly, it’s highly effective.

How it works

Noise travels in buildings faster than a heady piece of gossip. And once it starts, it’s just about as hard to stop. Sound vibrations get passed from one structural member (drywall, stud, floor, etc.) to the next, ultimately falling on unsuspecting and unappreciative ears. For decades builders have employed any number of methods to “decouple” or isolate noise in buildings, most notably by installing double sheets of drywall, resilient channel and isolation clips. But these options are costly, tedious and time consuming to install.  

ArmaSound MTD, a custom formulated elastomeric foam tape, installs quickly and easily without any extra tools or parts. The installer simply peels the material from its backing and applies it directly to one side of the stud face before installing the drywall. Sandwiched between the stud and the drywall, this patent-pending tape effectively decouples one from the other, significantly reducing the amount of structure-borne noise that passes from space to space. 

How effective ArmaSound MTD? 

Sound proofing materials or systems are rated according to their STC (Sound Transmission Class), a measure of how much sound they stop. The higher the STC, the more effective the measure is. Extra drywall typically only delivers 2 STC points per sheet, resilient channels (5-7 points) and isolation clips (up to 11 points). ArmaSound MTD delivers a dramatic 7-point improvement with less labor.  

There’s another perk.  ArmaSound MTD prevents thermal bridging from occurring between the stud and the wallboard, reducing the amount of heat gain or loss from one space or zone to the next. So, spaces aren’t just quieter, they are also more comfortable. 

ArmaSound MTD can be used to improve the indoor environmental quality in all kinds of spaces, from classrooms to boardrooms. It not only minimizes problematic noise, it also addresses critical privacy issues in spaces like medical examination rooms and executive offices. It is an easy-to-install measure that truly adds value to both residential and commercial properties.

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. ArmaSound MTD is one of those solutions.

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  • Quick installation – just peel and press to one side of stud face before drywall installation
  • Mechanical decoupling reduces sound passing through a wall assembly
  • Excellent sound isolation at mid-level to high frequencies
  • No thermal bridging
  • Improves STC ratings
  • Meets ASTM E84 Class B rating requirements for flame and smoke
  • Made in USA