76% of people claim their life is affected by noise pollution or noise nuisance. This growing acoustical megatrend impacts our business through increased urbanization, booming transportation, and strict noise pollution regulations. Noise and sound vibrations travel through buildings and get passed from one structural member (drywall, stud, floor, etc.) to the next, ultimately falling on unsuspecting and unappreciative ears. For decades builders have employed any number of methods to “decouple” or isolate noise in buildings, most notably by installing double sheets of drywall, resilient channel and isolation clips. But these options are costly, tedious and time consuming to install. Armacell can create sustainable value and elevate some of these trends by helping designers reduce noise and vibrations in buildings, assisting organizations in protecting people and equipment, reducing structural borne noise and vibration, and ultimately improve the overall health of work and living spaces.

Sounding Board for Health

The result of too much noise can take a serious toll on your body and mental well-being. Health issues like headaches, hearing damage, mental stress, tiredness or loss of focus from sleeping disturbances can be contributed to noise pollution. Comfort concerns like enjoying quiet spaces or having the clarity of a conversation can also impact your positive mood.

Armacell Listened to Your Concerns

Armacell’s ArmaSound® MTD is our latest acoustic innovation and an answer to these concerns. ArmaSound is a custom formulated elastomeric mechanical and thermal decoupler tape that isolates sound transmission from one space to the next. It’s inexpensive, easy to install and most importantly, highly effective with a dramatic Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 7 points! STC is a measure of how much volume a sound proofing material stops. The higher the STC, the more effective the material is. Extra drywall typically only delivers 2 STC points per sheet making ArmaSound a clear choice for noise reduction.

ArmaSound Key Benefits

  • Quick installation – just peel and press to one side of stud face before drywall installation
  • Mechanical decoupling reduces sound passing through a wall assembly
  • Excellent sound isolation at mid-level to high frequencies
  • No thermal bridging
  • Improves STC ratings
  • Meets ASTM E84 Class B rating requirements for flame and smoke
  • Made in USA

For more information on ArmaSound MTD, visit product page here.