Safer and More Durable

In every sport, a player’s performance and safety are key to winning when it comes to synthetic turf playing fields. There are important factors that affect the teams that use them. You want to keep players protected from injury; you want consistency of the play and long-term performance. ArmaSport® turf underlayment shock pad is a durable flexible foam shock pad that’s installed under synthetic turf. It can be used with infill systems with taller pile height turf for added injury protection or with systems without infill or shorter turf depending on the requirements of the sport. With ArmaSport shock pad there is no loss or migration of the protective cushioning during heavy play or rain, unlike when traditional infill material is used alone. This means 100% of the field retains consistent shock protection 100% of the time, game after game. You can count on ArmaSport shock pad doing its job keeping players safer and maintaining consistency of play. No low spots in high-traffic areas and no direct contact with the players and maintenance is simple. With ArmaSport shock pad, the padding stays in place during play and can last twice the life span of the turf keeping players protected for years to come.

Variety of Options

ArmaSport shock pad is sold in rolls in many popular lengths which speeds up the installation process and results in less waste. It can be installed over a crushed stone base, concrete or asphalt surface. Choose a pad with more or less bounce based on the specifications of your sports field. If rainwater drainage is a concern, specify our perforated ArmaSport shock pad for additional drainage performance. Follow the turf manufacturer’s recommendation on installation. ArmaSport shock pad is commonly stitched together and held in place by infill systems or it can be glued in place before the turf is installed depending on field type.

Synthetic Turf Applications

ArmaSport shock pad ensures consistent shock attenuation across the entire playing surface and has been tested to FIFA and ASTM GMax standards. ArmaSport shock pad is recommended for use with many types of fields such as field hockey, football, soccer, baseball, multi-use fields, portable fields, indoor fields, practice fields and warm-up areas.

So what’s under your turf?

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