Many Popular Foam Water Pads Contain Armacell’s OleTex®, Which Provides Buoyancy, Water-resistance and UV Protection

Labor Day is approaching and back-to-school shopping commercials will soon reappear with alarming frequency on TV, and everyone knows what that means: summer is beginning to end. But with all of August yet to come, there’s still time to make the most of what’s left. Our blog on pool noodles explained how Armacell is the maker of the original pool noodle and introduced Tundra, a great brand of pool noodles to kick off your summer. Now we’re here to help keep your summer going strong with another great product for sunny days on the water. 

Imagine yourself in the middle of a body of water, and you look around to see only the clear blue of the lake, ocean, river or pool.  You’re not on a sandbar, not in a boat, and you’re not sagging into the water from the middle of an inner tube. Instead, you’re standing on your own personal foam island—a floating water pad. This product allows you to, quite literally, walk—or sit, slide, stand or jump—on water.  

Alternatively known as foam water floats or water mats, water pads are a popular toy for relaxation and fun on the water. They are square or rectangular pads made of foam material and have a wide range of sizes. They can float freely or tether to a nearby dock or boat. But no matter how you use them, they provide lots of options for recreation on the water. But water pads are no common float, they are supportive enough to stand on despite rippling water or waves. 

Pads of various brands and sizes allow for all of your friends and family to enjoy the pad at once. They can be used to lounge, or for kids to play. Most pads are large enough to support several adults and are perfect for kids to slide, jump and play on.*  Some pads can hold up to 1,600 lbs. On top of it all, they are also easy to transport. Though many are very large, they roll up and can fit conveniently on the front or back of a boat. 

Though there are several different brands of water pads, some of the most popular are made using Armacell’s OleTex® foam. The material is a closed-cell, cross-linked polyolefin foam formulated in various blends for high compression strength and tear resistance. OleTex is the perfect material for recreational aquatic float applications because of its range of densities, colorand thicknesses, which allow for different pad dimensions and water resistance. Many water float pad manufacturers make products with different properties and selling points, some of which include ability to roll the pad, load weight, surface texture and other factors. Armacell’s OleTex surface can be enhanced with treatments such as applying a decorative printed film or a vinyl coating  which provides protection against harmful UV rays making the pad less likely to degrade under the sun.

For more information about OleTex®, click here.   

*Warning:  Water pads are not considered a lifesaving device. Do not leave children unattended while device is in use.