Coming from our Brampton, Canada manufacturing facility since the 1980’s, our pool noodles are a fun way for swimmers of all ages to play water games or just relax and enjoy a little extra buoyancy in the water. In addition to our wide array of insulating and composite foam products, Armacell is the maker of the original pool noodle. Available in a wide variety of high impact colors and exciting shapes, these durable toys are ideal for usage in pools, lakes and anytime you are in water.

Just as the summer sun requires sunscreen, our pools require pool noodles. One reason for the popularity of the classic summer toy is its versatility. You can not only float and use a noodle as a pool toy, you can also find all sorts of creative ways to get the most out of your pool noodle: like crafting a wreath, using noodles for stretching or exercise, using them to avoid door dings on garage walls, creating door stops or bumpers in your home, or even creating rockets or tunnels. You can try any of these ideas, or just choose to float and have some fun—either way, Armacell’s Tundra noodles have you covered.  

Not only is Armacell the maker of the original pool noodle, but we are also the top seller of pool noodles in North America. If you pick up a noodle at any given pool, there’s a good chance it was made by Armacell. Every year, we sell millions of pool noodles at most major retailers in the US and Canada. Have a great rest of your summer and enjoy the water with a fun, new toy!

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