Installing HVAC, plumbing, refrigerant or even conduit piping comes with its share of inconveniences and headaches. Often, the wrong part or a missing tool can quickly derail an installer’s productivity. If the installation is compromised, even bigger problems can occur for the owner down the road. Fortunately, Armacell’s new Insuguard® line of pipe support products has a solution for some of the most common problems associated with installing and maintaining pipe systems. 

Problem #1

You don’t have the right tools, parts, glue, etc. to complete the installation. Worse, you discover this just as you haul all the wrong items up a ladder to reach an installation that happens to be in an exceedingly hard to reach location.


Lighten your load and shorten your time on the ladder. With Insuguard, there are no tools or glue. Saddles, supports, etc. can all be installed completely and reliably by hand. They simply “click” in place.

Problem #2

You don’t have the proper parts and/or sized components to connect the pipe saddles to a given support system. 


Insuguard® Multi clip-on adaptors make it possible to adapt any Insuguard saddle to any type of suspension or mounting system, regardless of size. These interchangeable cartridges connect to various size struts, steel angles, H-Beam / I-Beam, floor-mounts, and Clevis hangers (three-piece fastener systems used for hanging piping).

Problem #3

Normal pipe movement and expansions has caused conventional saddles slip out of place, exposing insulation to pressure and compression. Some saddles have even fallen from the suspension system creating serious safety and liability concerns.


Hot and cold piping must be allowed to move freely as it expands and contracts. Insuguard is the only pipe support systems that fully accommodates this movement without compromising the insulation or displacing the saddle.  Saddles and pipe covers are designed with rounded edges that curve gently away from the pipe, so the insulation never catches or rips, but slides easily as the system expands and contracts. Meanwhile, saddles remain firmly connected to the support system.

Problem #4

Finding space for refrigeration lines, electrical and communication cables within ceiling spaces that are already crowded with other hanging pipe.


Use the existing piping support system (and the unused space inside existing Clevis hangers) to install piping or conduit! InsuClip® dual strap pipe fasteners are an inexpensive, time-saving way to fasten refrigeration lines, communications cables, etc., within the open space above the cross-bolt portion of a Clevis hanger.  Simply attach the fastener to the pipe and secure it to the cross-bar as shown here:

Problem #5

Pipe and/or insulation damage due to friction caused by undetected water hammer.


Detect water hammer issues before costly damage occurs by installing Armacell’s ShockTech® magnetic shock detectors. These simple yet ingeniously designed devices fit right into bottom compartment of the Insuguard Multi pipe support. When a shock event occurs, the “swinging flag” detectors drop down to visually alert facility personal that a hammer condition exists. The flags are color-coded in yellow, orange and red based on their differing shock tolerances.

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