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ArmaTuff is the one-step installation solution for thermal mechanical insulation and UV protection of exterior ducts, tanks, vessels, large pipes and fittings. The combination of a tough metal cladding laminated to Armaflex® insulation provides heavy-duty, year-round weather protection.

One-step Installation Saves Labor Costs

  • Tough metal cladding laminated to the insulation eliminates jacketing
  • White embossed cladding surface does not need painting
  • Available self-adhesive backing further reduces installation labor
Heavy-Duty Durability Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Puncture-resistant metal cladding reduces need for repairs
  • Maintenance-free white metal surface will not need painting in the future
  • The combination of the tough metal cladding and the Armaflex insulation provides zero permeability, eliminating costly replacement of moisture damaged insulation

ArmaTuff is designed to be used for all exterior applications.
ArmaTuff has not been tested by ASTM E 84 or CAN/ULC for Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Index and is not recommended for interior applications where a 25/50 rating is required.

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